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Hello World!

My name is Teo Mrnjavac and I’m a graduate student of computer science at the University of Trieste, Italy. I’m also an instructor at a professional school, teaching operating systems, UNIX systems and software development, and a KDE developer, working on the most awesome music player in the world, Amarok.

I live with my beloved wife Stephanie in Trieste, Italy.

I have been contributing to Amarok since spring 2008 as a Summer of KDE student, and I have taken part in Google Summer of Code as a student three times since then. I’m a member of the Amarok core team, and my most recent effort is an Amarok port for mobile devices. My other contributions to the community include the Social About dialog in KDElibs.

There is also a more detailed list of projects I have contributed to, and a list of higher education level courses I have tought.

I also enjoy doing Free and Open Source Software advocacy and promotion.

I’m an atheist and I practice a vegan lifestyle.

You can contact me as Teo` in #amarok and other KDE-related IRC channels on Freenode, and through my various profiles:



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